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          Hotel is a business that monetizes on its services and accommodation. Guestroom, meeting room, ballroom, and restaurant all contribute to the revenue and hotel’s ROI. Each investment, at any level, must return reasonable profit, otherwise the investment that goes into the construction will only reduce the hotel’s capital for no reason. Therefore, any room’s features must be designed to serve that purpose.


          It is the audiovisual system that plays a part in helping the owner achieve that ROI goal. Questions like, what type of speaker will cover the maximum number of audience and how many? What level of brightness and display resolution deem sufficient for the back-to-front row audience (cost is relative to brightness and display resolution)? Which equipment brand is suitable for the installation (some equipment last longer than others)? These questions are answered by an experienced audiovisual expert who will assist the owner to reach that ROI goal.


          It is no doubt that smartphone is a popular personal item that almost everyone living in any cities is with at least one unit, even two in some cases. Its popularity and usage are equal to that of a personal computer, if not more. So what will be the next great invention with an equal force?To our prediction, it is “smart” capability that gets integrated into generic household items, thus becoming “smart devices”. There are currently already many basic “smart-home” devicessuch as wireless whole-house sound system, multi-zone sound system, electrical switch, light-bulb, door-lock, alarm, temperature-sensor, flood sensor. It is our job to ensure interoperability and make sure that everything functions as one-unified system. 




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