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          Music and sound affect how people feel, many studies say so. Chili’s a Mexican restaurant chain in the United States, has recognized the power of sound to influence its customer When you enter a Chili’s restaurant you immediately hear the sizzle of mean on a hot iron plate. The sizzle grabs your attention and inspires a chain of sensory reactions: you hear and smell the meat, the laughter of other happy and sated guests surrounds you, and you realize suddenly just how hungry you are for fajitas! (a Mexican’s grilled meat dish) (Beckerman, Joel, and Tyler Gray. The Sonic Boom: How Sound Transforms the Way We Think, Feel, and Buy, 2014. Print.)


          Sound designer can collaborate with audio engineer to blend in sonic elements that enhance the ambience of a bar or a restaurant. The resulted sound can encourage a positive emotion within the customer, thus creating a good experience for him or her.



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