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          What is the point of a training or a meeting if no message gets across and no consensus is made thereafter? Speaking, addressing a point, making sense, raising a concern, harvesting for cooperation, exercising a veto, and other communication actions are essential when in a training or meeting event. Audiovisual system has one job – to get the message across clearly and effectively.


          The audiovisual system must help users give presentation, communicate with the audience, lecture, teach, and etc. However, the presenter usually is well-prepared for his or her material, but not for any technical error. A malfunctioned equipment can result in a bad image for the presenter, which in turn results in a bad image for the facility owner as well. So, any technical error should be minimized from the design stage of a system onward. Any ad-hoc error should be eliminated first-hand by the onsite AV operator. And for those reasons, the system must be reliable enough to get the meeting done effectively without becoming a burden to any stakeholder.



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