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     Protime Business Co., Ltd. has been established to inspire our client via audio visual senses. We assess and improve aesthetics through each of our work. As we are living in a technology-driven era, new technologies are constantly being developed and created. However, only a handful of them are realized to play a meaningful part in our life. Protime Business aims to master those selections of audio visual technologies and translate them to our client so that the technological pieces and bits make meaningful senses to the client. Why? Because human obtains energy through inspiration. That is what makes us special.What for? For each of us can contribute to a better living on this planet.




     With expertise in audio visual arts and techniques, Protime Business Co., Ltd. takes aim at the market segment that appreciates arts and technology. With that as guiding light, we plan to become the most important element in our client’s daily life within the year 2020.



What we do:

     Protime Business Co., Ltd. provides audio visual solution to our client. Our market segment is any entity who needs audio visual solution to help achieve some kind of specific needs. Our past clients include, but not limited to, educational institutions, private firms, offices, manufacturing plants, training facilities, conference rooms, meeting rooms, ballrooms, auditoriums, 5-star hotels, and high-end restaurants.



Why us?:

     Our team has over 10 years of accumulated professional experience across variety of specializations, i.e. marketing & sales, technical, consultancy, business development, and management. Moreover, our team’s theoretical knowledge set ranges from science of sound, audio arts and acoustics, visual aesthetics, electronic devices, and even lifestyle gadgets. Therefore, if a technology can be utilized to enhance and inspire us it can then enhance and inspire our client as well. 

     At present, considering the power of communication medium we all have, we place a high value in effective and straightforward communication. We achieve our success through 360-degree coordination with clients, business partners, vendors, suppliers, technical experts, technicians, engineers, consultants, marketing executives, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, presidents, vice-presidents, managing directors, and everyone who is a stakeholder in our job or project.

     Since intangible resources are world-abundant, such as wisdom and inspiration, we believe that there is enough cake for everyone. That is why we have faith in a win-win scenario.  

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